Bike Repair

Bike repair area - Cyclopedia Bike Shop Pawleys Island SC

Bike Repair Summary

  • Free bike repair estimates.
  • Experienced bicycle mechanics.
  • Minor adjustments to complete tune ups and bicycle building.
  • We keep most common bicycle parts in stock:  inner tubes, tires, wheels, brake pads, grips, pedals, gear cables etc.

Bicycle Tools

Serving the following areas:

  • DeBordieu SC
  • Garden City Beach SC
  • Georgetown SC
  • Litchfield Beach SC
  • Murrells Inlet SC
  • Pawleys Island SC
  • Surfside Beach SC

Chain tool and bicycle chain

Services include:

  • Tune ups and major overhauls
  • Cleaning and lubing
  • Brake service
  • Gear adjustments
  • Seat and handlebar adjustments
  • Wheel truing and building
  • Bicycle assembly

Rear derailleur of bicycle

Signs that you may need your GEARS adjusted, repaired or replaced.

  • You have difficulty shifting gears or you can’t shift into some gears.
  • The chain comes off when you shift.
  • The chain keeps trying to jump to a different gear when you are pedaling.
  • Your gear cables are frayed or badly corroded.

Signs that you may need your BRAKES adjusted, repaired or replaced.

  • When you pull on the brakes you don’t stop. Or your brakes aren’t stopping you as well.
  • The breaks pads are worn down and there is very little rubber left.
  • When you apply your brakes, the brake pads should make good contact with the rim of the wheel.  The pads should not be hitting the tire.
  • Your brake cables are frayed or badly corroded.

Signs that you may need your WHEELS trued, repaired or replaced.

  • Your wheel wobbles side to side when it is spinning or turning.
  • You hear a rubbing noise when your wheels are turning.
  • You have damaged or broken spokes.
  • A wheel has a lot of play, side to side.

Signs your TIRES and/or INNER TUBES may need replaced.

  • Your tire will not hold air.
  • There is a bulge in your tire.
  • The sidewall is cracking or splitting.
  • The tread on your tire has worn away.
  • There is a cut in your tire.