Bikes For Sale

We have bikes for sale. Hybrid bikes, comfort bikes and beach cruisers.

The staff at Cyclopedia can help you find a bicycle that is suitable for the type of riding you want to do.  And we can figure out the size you need.  We want you to find a bike that is comfortable and fun to ride.

New bikes and Used Bikes.

In addition to our selection of new bikes we usually have some used bikes that have been cleaned and serviced.

Serving the following areas:

  • DeBordieu SC
  • Garden City Beach SC
  • Georgetown SC
  • Litchfield Beach SC
  • Murrells Inlet SC
  • Pawleys Island SC
  • Surfside Beach SC

Beach Cruisers.

Bikes For Sale. Fuji_Beach_Cruiser_Bike_2013_Captiva

  • Best For: Cruising.  You don’t care about speed and want comfort. You will be riding in mostly flat places.
  • Typical Features: Fat tires, upright handlebars, 1 or 3 speeds.
  • Riding Position: Relaxed upright position.

Hybrid Bikes.

Bikes For Sale. Fuji Hybrid Bike 2013 Absolute

  • Best For: Commuting around town. Faster than a mountain bike.
  • Typical Features: Road bike like wheels, and an upright riding position like a mountain bike.
  • Riding Position: Upright.

Comfort Bikes.

Bikes For Sale. Fuji Comfort Bike 2013 Crosstown

  • Best For: General or casual riding on paved surfaces and hard packed dirt roads.
  • Typical Features: Mountain bike like wheels with smoother tires. Slightly curved upright handlebars.
  • Riding Position: Relaxed upright riding position.